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We can also swap and change the menu to your taste and event


Home-made Pies

Home-made Potato Pie or Cheese & Onion Pie with mushy peas, red cabbage and beetroot french bread & butter.

Our Potato pie is made with the best quality stewing steak and baked with the crust on from £4.00 per head.

Deluxe Version Of our Pies

Home-made Potato Pie or Cheese & Onion Pie with mushy peas, red cabbage, beetroot and pickled onions french bread & butter.

Filled with our deluxe version with carrots and extra meat and onion: £4.90 per head. (With Carrots, Extra Meat and Onion)

Hot Alternatives

Chicken or Vegetable Curry with rice and French bread @ £4.50 per head

​Add vegetable samosas and onion bhajis for an extra @ £0.70p

​Beef or Vegetable Chilli with rice and French bread @ £4.50 per head

Hot Alternatives

Beef or Vegetable Lasagne with salad and French Bread @ £4.50 per head

Baked Potatoes with Chilli, Baked Beans, Cheese, Tuna Mayonnaise and butter, Coleslaw and Mixed Salad. @ £4.50 per head

​Try garlic bread instead of French bread for an extra 20p



Just Sandwiches

A selection of speciality sandwiches on white and brown bread, speciality bread and rolls with salad, garnish and crisps.

£4.00 per head with the addition of cakes or fruit £5.50 per head.

Deluxe Buffet

A selection of sandwiches *

Wedges of Pork pies and mini pork pies

Homemade Sausage rolls

Large Chicken goujons.

Vegetarian pasta salad [v]


£6 per head with the addition of desserts £7.50

  • Selection of sandwiches to include ham, beef, turkey, tuna mayo, cheese, egg mayo

The Select

A selection of sandwiches

Marinated chicken drumsticks

A selection of pork pies

Prawn Skewers

Chicken Satay

Vol-au-vents filled with prawns, cheese, mushrooms etc [v]


Pasta salad[v]

£7 per head with the addition of deserts £8.50

*Selection of sandwiches to include ham, beef, turkey, tuna mayo, cheese, egg mayo

The Platters

Platters of cold meats

Smoked salmon and prawn platter

Cheeseboard [v]

Locally made meat and pork pies

Spicy chicken bites

Egg mayonnaise [v]

Homemade coleslaw [v]

Pasta Salad

New potatoes [v]

Rolls and butter [v]

£9 per head with the addition of desserts £10.50

The Connoisseur

Poached whole salmon garnished with prawns and salad garnish.

Selection of our special sandwiches

Gala Pie

Homemade sausage rolls

Stuffed eggs [v]

Assorted spring rolls [v]

A selection of dips and dippers

Chicken goujons

Homemade cheese and tomato tarts [v]

Pasta salad [v]

Nicoise Salad [v]

Tomato and mozzarella salad [v]

Garden mixed salad with dressing [v]

£12.50 per head with the addition of deserts £14.00

Afternoon Tea


An assortment of special sandwiches on white and brown bread.

Home-made sausage rolls

Home-made cakes

Home-made scones with jam and cream

Strawberries dipped in chocolate

£10 per head

Add tea, coffee and a member of staff to serve

£14.00 per head. 


As above with pork pie, crisps, + additional cake

£14 per head – £16.00 per head with tea & coffee served

Desserts/ cakes

A selection of desserts and cakes – the perfect compliment to our homemade and buffet menus.

Fruit Cheesecake

Toffee and honeycomb cheesecake

Lemon meringue pie

Forest fruits pavlova

Profiteroles and Selection of homemade cakes.

£1.50 per head

Please contact us to discuss options

Children’s Party Buffet

Sandwiches on white bread with ham, tuna mayonnaise, cheese and egg mayonnaise.

Mini sausages rolls

Mini cheese rolls [V]

Chicken nuggets


Cucumber and carrot sticks [V]

Tomato Cheese Sticks hummus [V]

Cheese and tomato pizza [V]


£4 per head

Add fruit OR cupcakes £5.00 

Marjory’s Catering


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Marjory’s cakes and catering

Hot & cold buffets for any event. Established 30 yrs we pride ourselves in quality, affordable food.
Homemade cakes & celebration cakes to order

Such amazing feedback. Last week was so busy every day. We worked non stop last week and the weekend. I couldn’t do it without my amazing team and @darwen_spezial and his magic Bain Marie 😂

We provided 68 afternoon teas (100 sandwiches, 130 homemade sausage rolls, mini meat pies and 280 homemade cakes as well as a brownie stack and cookie pie) to @wellbeingfarm and had the pleasure of serving a full breakfast and hot lunch at @viewstudios @nathandamour @zomdicfilms for @brookecombe and her amazing team who were filming her music video which looked absolutely brilliant. Everyone was so friendly

All this on top of other functions and 300 sandwiches for @waddowhall_ 

Every time I send food and cakes out there is anxiety about whether it’s good enough and will the customer be happy. It’s absolutely incredible getting this kind of feedback.

I’m lucky to have such brilliant people working for me who constantly put up with my lack of organisation and chaos and flying by the seat of my pants approach. @marjorys2021